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To submit your script for analysis, please send it by postal mail to:

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We also accept submissions by electronic mail at no additional charge. If you wish to e-mail your script to us, please upload it using the form at the right or send it as an attachment to:

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We prefer that the file you send us be in one of three formats: Adobe® Acrobat® (.pdf), Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ (.scw or .mmsw), or Final Draft® (.fdr or .fdx). If you submit your script in Microsoft® Word® (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf), the page breaks can shift, and page numbers may be absent. This can present a problem when we need to refer to a particular page in the script. It’s important that we both be on the same page.

Please allow three to four weeks for Development Notes, two to three weeks for an Oral Consultation, Studio-style Coverage, or a Selling Synopsis. We look forward to reading your screenplay and discussing it with you.