11. Are your services confidential?

The material you submit is always held in the strictest confidence. It is used only for the purpose of analysis. Neither your script nor the analysis is submitted or disclosed to any third party. Occasionally Story Sense may make a copy of your annotated script before returning it to you. This is done to provide the analyst with a reference during an Oral Consultation, if one is requested. Once we finish the consultation, we destroy our copy of the script.

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10. Do I need to sign a release?

No release form is necessary when you send your script to Story Sense. Release forms are generally required by literary agencies, managers, and producers if your script is unsolicited. This is to warrant that you are the author of the material submitted, that you acknowledge similar works may be in existence, and that you release the production company from any claim of plagiarism or idea theft. Story Sense is a consulting service. We do not represent your material to producers, nor do we produce films, television shows or other media.

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9.  How do I go about finding a producer for my script?

Entire books have been written on this topic. You have to draw upon all your contacts. Some producers respond to a tantalizing query letter or a synopsis. If the story sounds intriguing, they may agree to read your script if you sign a release or submit it through an attorney. However, it will get more attention if it is represented by an agent or a manager.

Before you submit your script anywhere, you should register it with the Writers Guild of America. The Guild also publishes a list of signatory agents. Finding an agent who is willing to read your script can be more difficult than finding a producer. Most agents won’t read anything that doesn’t come recommended by a client, a producer, or a studio executive. You get access to more data on representatives, including their clients and (in the case of managers and producers) their credits, by subscribing to the Internet Movie Database Pro.

Whether or not you have an agent, posting your screenplay on InkTip is a way to get it seen by industry professionals. More than 300 films have been produced from scripts and writers found through InkTip. To that end, our experts can write a riveting log line and a compelling Selling Synopsis that will attract producers.

The Black List recently launched a script-hosting site and formed an alliance with the Writers Guild of America to discover new writers. Franklin Leonard founded the Black List in 2005 by surveying almost 100 film industry development executives about their favorite scripts that had not been produced. Since then, the voter pool has grown to about 500 film executives, and over 200 Black List screenplays have been made as feature films.

Enter your script in as many contests as you can afford. The most comprehensive, up-to-date site for information on script contests is MovieBytes. Even an “Honorable Mention” in a prestigious screenwriting competition can set your telephone to ringing. It all starts with writing the most marketable script you can write. Which is where a Story Sense analysis can be valuable.

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8.  If you like my script, can you recommend it to agents and

Our staff has many connections, due to their extensive background in the entertainment industry. Various agents, managers, and producers have contacted us for material, asking us to refer talented writers to them. We have, on rare occasion, put them in touch with clients whose material was truly outstanding. No structure currently exists, though, for us to channel recommended scripts to the production community. Our mission is to help you write a terrific screenplay, one that will generate enough buzz to attract a top agent and/or producer. We believe that a truly great script will find its audience. That being said, many producers won't agree to read your script unless you submit a synopsis first. Our fastest-growing service has become the Selling Synopsis.

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7.  Do you offer advice on properly formatting my script?

Screenplays adhere to strict formatting rules for typeface, spacing, margins, page breaks, capitalization, and many other elements. Deviate from the norm, and you risk being labeled an amateur. To get a fair reading, it is vital that your script look professional. A detailed format critique is now included in Development Notes. Before submitting your script to us or a producer, you would be wise to consult our online Format Guide.

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6.  Will you proofread my script for spelling and grammatical

Errors in spelling, grammar, and formatting can hamper your script’s chances of selling. Proofreading was once included in our Development Notes. However, some screenplays required up to two days for our analyst to flag all the errors. Due to the wide variations of time involved, we can no longer offer proofreading free of charge. We now provide it as a separate service. If your script has serious errors, and would benefit from detailed Proofreading, we will suggest this in our notes.

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5.  Who will analyze my script, and what are their credentials?

Unless you are notified otherwise, all analyses are done by Michael Ray Brown, the founder of Story Sense. A veteran story analyst and former development executive, Michael has more than 20-years’ experience at seven major Hollywood studios. When Michael has a writing assignment or other commitments, we may assign script coverage or selling synopses to one of Michael’s associates. These are all veteran story analysts, highly respected professionals within the entertainment industry. In such situations, you will be notified of a possible delay and given the option to have one of Michael’s associates analyze your work.

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4.  Does Story Sense produce films, television, or other media?

We’re a consulting service that helps writers and producers bring out the full potential in their work, be it a screenplay, a novel, or other literary material. We don’t actually produce movies, but we have developed scripts to such a polished stage that studios have given a “green light” to their production.

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3.  Can I obtain a sample of your services?

Samples of our script analyses are available here on our Web site. Read the Development Notes that prompted Creative Screenwriting magazine to rate us “Highly Recommended” and a “Best Buy” in their review of 24 screenplay consultants. Samples of Studio-style Coverage and a Selling Synopsis are also available through links on their respective pages.

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2.  How soon can I expect to receive your analysis?

Turnaround time averages from three to four weeks. Once we receive your screenplay, it goes into a queue. Depending on our workload, we may be able to place your script at the top of our inbox if you pay a rush surcharge.

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1.  How do I submit a script to you for analysis?

No application forms are necessary. Simply pay for the service and send us your screenplay as an e-mail attachment. We prefer that the file you send us be in one of three formats: Adobe® Acrobat® (.pdf), Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ (.scw or .mmsw), or Final Draft® (.fdr or .fdx). If you submit your script in Microsoft® Word® (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf), the page breaks can shift, and page numbers may be absent. This can present a problem when we need to refer to a particular page in the script. It’s important that we both be on the same page.

You can also send your screenplay by postal mail to:

    Story Sense

    P.O. Box 3757

    Santa Monica, CA  90408-3757


Please include a check or money order. If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so online. Go to the page that describes the service you wish, and scroll down until you see an “Add to Cart” button. Click on it, and that service will be added to your Shopping Cart on PayPal. There is no need to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your script. The postage for its return, and for sending you the audio CD of your consultation (if ordered), is included in the fee.

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1.   How do I submit a script to you?

2.   How soon can I expect to receive your analysis?

3.   Can I obtain a sample of your services?

4.   Does Story Sense produce films, television, or other media?

5.   Who will analyze my script, and what are their credentials?

6.   Will you proofread my script for spelling and grammatical errors?

7.   Do you offer advice on properly formatting my script?

8.   If you like my script, can you recommend it to agents and producers?

9.   How do I go about finding a producer for my script?

10. Do I need to sign a release?

11. Are your services confidential?

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