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You've written a wonderful screenplay.  It has everything:  an intriguing premise, fleshed-out characters, crackling dialogue rich in subtext, a twisty plot, brisk pacing, and an emotional denouement.  It's your masterpiece.  Your baby.  And it's ready to go out and rock the cinematic world.  Or is it?

Let's look at the picture a month from now.  Your script went out on a Friday to a dozen producers.  You were certain that by Monday morning they'd be fighting over it in a bidding war.  But the phone didn't ring.  A few days later, some terse e-mail started trickling in.  One of them mentioned "structural problems."  They liked the writing, but it wasn't for them.  By now it's painfully clear something in your screenplay doesn't work.  But what?

If only you'd shown it to a script analyst before you sent it out.  If only you'd rewritten it with the help of a professional, a veteran script doctor who has worked for the studios, and who knows what producers look for.  Perhaps then you could have fixed your screenplay before you burned it through those producers.  Well, now you have access to just such a script consultant with Story Sense.

Michael Ray Brown, script doctor  

Michael Ray Brown, a top Hollywood script doctor and the founder of Story Sense, has more than 30 years' experience helping writers create successful screenplays.  A story analyst for seven major studios, he contributed to the development of such films as Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Red Corner, Contact, Hart's War, and many more.  (View Michael Ray Brown's credits.)  Since leaving MGM in 1999, he has achieved high rankings as a script consultant, and is much in demand by writers, producers, and literary agents.  A working screenwriter and frequent lecturer, Michael discusses script analysis in a popular seminar on screenplay structure.

Creative Screenwriting magazine, in their comparative review of script analysts, rated Story Sense "Highly Recommended" and their "Best Buy."  The competition is fierce, and you may not get a second chance.  You can't afford not to send out your best possible script.  Story Sense.  Get it from the expert.

Please browse our script analysis services or contact us for more information.  If you want to know how to write a screenplay that will sell, see our structure checklist of what a script must have to survive coverage.  Consult our screenplay format guide to make sure your work adheres to industry standards.  Read an interview with Michael Ray Brown for screenwriting advice, what to look for in a script consultant, and what makes us unique.  We have many resources to help you become a better, more successful screenwriter.

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